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I am an architect of stories that intertwine the vision, mission, outcomes, and people of organizations to enhance brands and interpersonal relationships. My goal is to create greater consumer or community engagement with organizations. I connect with media outlets and the general public through public relations communication, event planning and coordination, and people management. I have a passion for arranging efforts to collectively make a difference.


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Time Company Name Location Position Title Responsibilities Contact Information
Jan. 2020 - Present Racepoint Global Raleigh, NC Public Relations Intern
  • Conducted daily news scans to gather relevant and important technology and healthcare news for clients and representative.
  • Drafted briefing material to prepare client speakers for upcoming interviews and speaking events. Briefing material included reporter background information, publication information, and key messaging.
  • Created online blog content about the intersection of technology and agriculture.
Stephanie Styons: 919.882.2058
Aug. 2019 - Dec. 2019 CORRAL Riding Academy Cary, NC Communication and Marketing Intern
  • Published media content to promote upcoming fundraiser and gain media support on 4 different Triangle media outlets contributing to over 100 attendants and over $2,000.
  • Created targeted newsletter for major donor company (of $100,000) to communicate program outcomes, budget details, expansion plans and paths for continued relationship between company and CORRAL.
  • Researched and projected expected grant revenue of $600K by updating existing grant database and researching 36 grant opportunities in line with CORRAL’s mission and vision.
Neyra Toledo-Osorio: 919.355.2090
April 2019 - Nov. 2019 Kane Realty, Midtown Events Raleigh, NC Special Events Intern
  • Resolved high-pressure situations between vendors, clients, and guests requiring clear and effective communication regarding event policies, expectations, and procedures.
  • Produced high-quality private viewing experiences for over 12 business groups (either event sponsors or paid parties), an average of 40 people per group, at weekly summer concert series from April to August.
  • Executed event set-up and tear-down, with over 30 individuals and 5-10 vendors, including vendor coordination and manual labor assistance, to prepare event space in 3 hours for over 5,000 attendees.
Vanessa Thompson: 919.812.7689
Aug. 2017 - Aug. 2019 The Summit Church Durham, NC Ministry Coordinator
  • Directed over 20 volunteer leaders at 9 Summit Church locations to create supportive communities of 150 adoptive and foster families at all campuses, averaging 20-30 active families per campus.
  • Organized and executed successful annual carnival for 80 families in 3 months with budget of $2,500; managed 75 volunteers and coordinated 3 vendors; executed in under $2,200 in 2018 and 2019.
  • Enhanced pre-existing databases with updated information of over 500 individuals to create streamlined communication between campus volunteer coordinators, campus pastors, and central outreach staff.
Tremayne Manson: 919.943.8371
May 2017 - May 2019 WellRec at North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC Group Fitness Instructor
  • Instructed on average 45 students, faculty, and Carmichael Gym members through Cardio Dance lessons.
  • Adjusted the lessons to meet the various fitness levels of the class participants.
  • Choreographed Cardio Dance lessons to communicate safe and effective cardiovascular exercise.
Will Craig: 919.515.7529
Jan. 2017 - Aug. 2017 New Student Programs at North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC Orientation Leader
  • Introduced over 4,000 students, parents, and families to NC State at New Student Orientation.
  • Facilitated small group discussions with a diverse group of 20 to 30 students.
  • Collaborated with 45 other Orientation Leaders, Student Coordinators, and Professional Staff to ensure a successful orientation experience for incoming firstyear students.
Genna Martella: 919.515.1234


Time School Location Major/Degree Earned Minor
Aug. 2016 - May 2020 North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC BA in Communication (Public Relations) Nonprofit Studies


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